With the Environment
WWET cares about the air we breathe, the water we drink and keeping ecosystems healthy.

Green boat

Please click here to see our eco friendly, self-sufficient, hybrid boat.

Environmental policy

Our modus operandi, staff routines, and tours follow strict protocols, to make sure that we minimized or eliminate our activity´s footprint on nature.

Carbon Neutral

We measure our carbon footprint from vehicles and boat, to neutralize it (times two) by putting more oxigen in the environment.
To overcome the effect of the combustion contamination, we have joined a carbon neutral system plan, where we:

  • Measure the carbon footprint of our boat´s low emission endothermic engines, and vehicles
  • Reduce those emissions with fuel efficiency
  • Offset, we neutralize (times two) the remaining emissions by joining and donating to a carbon neutral initiatives. This year we have chosen: Carbon Fund (Conservation International) and Huella cero
The boat, mainly for safety reasons, has two endothermic engines with the lowest emission in the market. We use these engines when we need extra speed and power.

We try hard and do our best to help because every little helps!