Our boat is built on a composite V-shaped hull, with a total length of 31 feet, and capacity of 12 passengers. It is versatile, having an open deck during the warmer months and closed for the colder season.

It offers safety and a variety of comforts including:

• padded seating with seat back,
• open/solarium, covered/shaded and enclosed areas,
• washroom, kitchen, mini bar,
• focalized air conditioning,
• dry enclosed bunks for passenger´s personal items.
• Protection gear: sun glasses, hats, sunscreen.
• sound systems.
• hydrophones.
• action cameras.
• wiffi.
• touchscreen.

The boat has been designed and built in every detail to minimize impact on the cetaceans, and to preserve the environment through energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and reduction of harmful wastes.

Power source comes from solar panels, an electric engine, and mainly for safety reasons when more power or speed are needed, from an endothermic engine.
BoatBoat 2