Eco Friendly, Self Sufficient, Hybrid Boat

Esiel (our boat) has been designed and equipped to aim the following:
Safety at sea.
No disturbance to wildlife.
Minimal impact to the enviroment.
For research and conservation.
To offer unique and high quality experiences.
Benefit from technology.
Safety and Comfort:
• Safety Equipment in accordance with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea).
• CE certified, European Union safety standard.
• Offshore category, built to perform optimal navigation under adverse sea conditions.
• Hull designed to open water, with sharp bow that allows safe and smooth navigation.
• Sun shade area.
• Cushioned seating and back rest, to protect passengers' back and neck.
• Toilet.
• Fridge.
• Dry storage for personal belongings.
• Swimming ladder.
Modifications and equipment:
• Electric engines for silent navigation
• Solar pannels and extra batteries.
• Desalination water system.
• Non toxic silicone hull cover, acting as eco friendly antifouling.
• Integrated cameras in roof and hull.
• Professional cameras and long range lenses.
• Central touch screen and individual tablets.
• Real time video access.
• Wifi with internet.
• Hydrophone and speakers.