To book please proceed online or call us from 9am to 5pm except Sundays.


Daily, all seasons


When 10:45 is full, all seasons


High season within Apr-Oct

The marine area off the westcoast of Tenerife is a Whale Heritage Site and one of the best hot spot of the world for watching whale and dolphins all year round. In these waters it has been recorded more than 20 different cetacean species, some resident and most of them transients.

The most common to see in our tours are the resident species: short finned pilot whale, and the bottlenose dolphin. All tours have a high sighting rate of 99.9% for whales and dolphins. Everyday is different, sometimes we encounter one species, others up to six different ones.

Pilot whales have a daily pattern in habitat use and distribution, helping us to predict morning as best time to find them. The rest of species are unpredictable, with the same probability of finding them along each day.

Duration: 2,5 horas.

Occupancy: maximum 10 passengers including babies.

Price: Adults 75€; Children(2-12 years) 55€ ; Private: 650€

Wildlife can be unpredictable sometimes. In the rare case of not seeing any whale or dolphin the day of your tour, we offer you a free tour the day of your choosing, or half the money back.

All tours need a minimum occupancy to be confirmed. In case your tour is not confirmed, we will call you ahead of time to offer you other options. If we do not call you it means that the tour is confirmed.


Not sure what tour to pick? Here are our suggestions:

- To see pilot whales, we recommend to choose the 8:00 or 10:45.

- To see more and different species, we suggest to come at 10:45 o 14:00.

- For nature lovers that enjoy the morning calm and solitude we recommend the tour at 8:00.

- To watch cetaceans and to enjoy the cliffs lighted up by the sunset light, we suggest the one at 16:30.

*Pilot whale sighting probability at different tours:
08:00 tour: 99%
10:45 tour: 99%
14:00 tour: 85%
16:30 tour: 50%

*All other species have the same probability among all tours.

Still undecided? Please contact us, we will be happy to help!

Tours include:

Refreshments *
Soft drinks:coffee, tea, soda, water
Light snacks:fruit, nuts, cookies and chocolate
• All Products are Organic.
• Local or fair trade provenance.
• Cushioned seating with back rest.
• Washroom.
• Sun shade area.
• Solarium.
• Educational and scientific material.
• Tours guided by marine biologists.
• Interpretive talks and explanations.
• Participative fieldwork.
• Pictures and videos of the tour.
• Files edited by a profesional photographer.
• And we will do our best for you to leave with a long lasting smile
* We are committed to a Zero Waste policy, and Zero Processed food, to help our planet and our health. Please bear in mind that our refreshment options are limited, and if they are not of your taste, you are welcome to bring your own. Please no alcoholic drinks, except for private tours and previously agreed.

As well as our EXCLUSIVE features:


of our benefits goes to research and conservation projects. 40% to our own, 10% to other entities.