Regular Tours

To do a booking, please proceed online or call us from 9 am to 8 pm except Sundays.

All tours require a minimum capacity to be confirmed. In case this happens we will contact you ahead of time to offer you other options, otherwise the tour is confirmed.

Children 0 - 12 years of age, and Residents of the Canary Islands, enjoy a discount!

Tours include:

Refreshments *
Cold drinks: water, soda, juice.
Light snacks:fruit, nuts, nachos, air popped popcorn, chocolate
• All Products are Organic.
• Local or fair trade provenance.
• Cushioned seating with back rest.
• Washroom.
• Sun shade area.
• Solarium.
• Educational and scientific material.
• Tours guided by cetacean researchers.
• Interpretive talks and explanations.
• Participative fieldwork.
• Free videos of the sightings.
• Use our cameras to take high quality photos of the cetaceans.
• Photos taken by our team
• And we will do our best for you to leave with a long lasting smile
* We are committed to a Zero Waste policy, and Zero Processed food, to help our planet and our health. Please bear in mind that our refreshment options are limited, and if they are not of your taste, you are welcome to bring your own. Please no alcoholic drinks, except for our tour Unwind at Sunset.

As well as our EXCLUSIVE features:

Special Tours


Enjoy the boat for yourselves with privacy.

Choose from:
- Our regular tours.
- Our suggestions: Birthdays, Proposals, Los Gigantes Cliffs, Water sports, Reiki, and many more.
- Personalize your own, Just tell us your idea and we will do our best to make it happen.

Duration: min. 2 hours; max. 8 hours.
Price: 400 € first 2 hours; 150 € every additional hour
Refreshments included: please ask (extra charges might apply).

Thematic tours

Tours that focus on specific themes, where we bring expert on the field. Unique opportuinity to discover, learn and share fulfilling experiences. Themes are:.
- Full day cetacean research fieldwork
- Marine bird watching
- Wildlife photography
- Geology
- Meditation and mindfulness
- Reiki sessions

This ours are organized punctually, and are published here and on our social media. It can also be arranged under request, that we need a minimum of 2 to 3 days in advance to organize. Except for the tour Whalefulness, which can be booked just a day in advance and ir can be booked online. For the rest of the thematic tours, please contact us.


Tour inspired by mindfulness, to relax and watch cetaceans being present, connected to yourself, your senses and heart. For this tour we bring as your guide a Reiki master, and animal communicator, who will adapt the experience to the level of practice most comfortable for the group.

It can be collate with a meditation at the beach early in the morning (this extra is not available when booking the tour online, if interested please contact us)