Our team


Owner, Director of Research, Naturalist, Captain
Mercedes is a Marine Biologist, MSc Marine Mammal Science, with over twenty years of experience on cetacean research and conservation. Her main interests are dolphin behavior, bioacoustics, cymatics and interspecies communication. Since she was a little girl she wanted to understand dolphins, their language and their connection to humans. She has dedicated her life to pursuit this interest, as well as, to protect cetaceans and their habitat. Mercedes is also a responsible whale watching nerd, knowing a lot about the regulations, laws and guidelines. She has worked in the UK, Spain and Vancouver Island, Canada, for NGOs and Governments to monitor, educate and enforce good practices around the whales. She is an innate naturalist, and her passion, love, respect and knowledge easily flows to her audiences.


Captain, Naturalist, Assistant Researcher
Gustavo is a Geographer, Captain and Cetacean Guide. He is originally from Tenerife. He feels a special bond for the ocean, he has been a surfer and a navigation lover most of his life. Gustavo has worked in the Special Conservation Zone (ZEC Teno-Rasca ) for the last 15 years as a Captain and cetacean guide. He considers these waters and their inhabitants as family. His knowledge and experience makes him a skilled captain, especially for manouvering around the cetaceans in a respectful manner. He is an over qualified captain for the job at WWET, meaning that we can go as far as we want, in a safe way, when looking for cetaceans, so that we can enjoy being in solitude with the pods. Gustavo is a nature lover and his hobby are to grow organic veggies and sustainable living.

Dr J. Castrillon

Researcher, Naturalist
Juliana is a Biologist, MSc, PhD, specialized on cetacean toxicity, bubbler, and conservation. Juliana is truly a whale lover. Among others, she has worked for Griffin University, AU, where she dedicated many years of her life to study humpback whales. Her research experience involves many other cetacean species, and locations such the UK, Spain and Colombia. Juliana is our behind the scenes scientist. She analyzes all the data for conservation purposes, such as photo ID, and population estimates. She has a nomad gypsy soul, leaving everything behind to go where the whales lead her.Juliana has an amaizing, cheerful, and happy personality. She travels a lot, doing fieldwork in remote places, but sometimes she comes on the boat, which is a real treat for all of us!


Children lover, Vacuum cleaner
Shiny is our very loved pet, that loves to be on the boat, swimming in the ocean and she specially interested about watching spotted dolphins play around the boat. She comes out at sea with us often specially on long days, so that she does not stay home alone with the boring old cats she lives with. Her primary job on the boat is taking long naps, and making sure that our floor is free of snacks. She loves children and she has very good attitude 100% of the time!