To inspire advocacy for whales, dolphins and oceans.

At Whale Wise Eco Tours (WWET), understanding cetacean behaviour and communication, and sharing it with you, is our passion. Their conservation is our commitment.

About WWET

WWET was founded by marine biologist Mercedes Reyes in 2018. Her lifelong interest in and care for whales and dolphins, combined with her international expertise in educating and protecting cetaceans, led her to set up the organisation in Tenerife.

The company facilitates whale observation experiences, that are eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible. It also donates part of its profits to projects that proactively work to improve whale and dolphin research and conservation projects.

WWET has many collaborations and partnerships around the world (which you can learn about in other sections of About).

In late 2022, WWET formed a partnership with WeWhale, a like-minded organisation which provides whale-friendly, eco-friendly and C02 neutral whale observation experiences. And also has a mission to create global whale awareness and actively contribute to cetacean protection.