With the ocean

The oceans need help. It is inconceivable and unbearable to see all the issues affecting our blue friend, home to so many wonderful creatures, and vital part of our survival equation in this planet. It is an urgent call for everyone, and it will not change unless we change. At WWET we have this statement integrated within, and we do everything we can to help.

Among so many issues, plastic and garbage have become our number one enemy. It is heart breaking to know about all the cetaceans, and marine creatures dying from ingesting it. There are huge plastic islands floating free in our oceans, there are beaches with mountains of it, seabed floors completely covered. It is a worldwide problem and our waters of Tenerife are no exception.
How WWET helps:
Tours are free of plastic waste.
Pick up of any floating plastic we encounter.
Snacks are organic and local, no pesticides washed into the ocean.
Recycling our waste (organic, glass, paper)
Use of biodegradable cleaning products.
Our clothing and materials support industries with no contaminating waste.
Education, information on board about the issues and how you can help.
Donation to NGOs that help the oceans in ways beyond our reach.
At WWET we have made a big investment on building a boat that suits our values:
Environmentally friendly engine.
Powered by solar energy.
Led lighting.
Made of recycled material, also it can be dissembled and recycled again.
Free of toxins and antifouling.
Silent engine, minimizing noise pollution.
Water desalinization system for toilet and cleaning water.
At the end of every year WWET donates 20% of its benefits to NGOs with similar values and doing conservation locally and worldwide.

*2018 Donation destination to be posted at the end of calendar year. We research, evaluate and prioritize our options to make sure our donations goes where is needed the most. Follow us in facebook, or our blog to find out more.